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Frequently Asked  Questions

1. Can I visit your bakery to pick out a cake?

We do not have a retail store location as yet, which means that we do not have whole cakes ready for you to purchase and take home right away. However, you can come and see us at the One Loudoun Farmers Market in Ashburn, VA on Saturdays at 9am-1pm during the March-November market season. We will usually have a selection of goodies that you can sample.

2. Can I pick up an order the same day I place it? How soon can I get my order?

We begin making your items from scratch after we receive your order, so we cannot fulfill same-day orders. Please place your order at least 4 days before your scheduled event.

3. What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept online payments using most major credit cards. Checks are not accepted, but cash and credit cards are accepted at our market stalls.

4. Do you have gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan items?

We have a couple of gluten-free items on the menu, including a delicious flourless chocolate cake. Our salted butter caramels are gluten and egg free. Our Scottish shortbread and butter pecan cookies are also egg free. We currently do not have dairy-free or vegan products, but we are working on it. If you have any dietary requirements, please contact us before placing your order to see if we can adapt an item to suit. Please also note that our bakery kitchen is a shared facility, so traces of gluten, nuts or other allergens may be present in all of our products.

5. What if I want a cake flavor that isn't on the menu?

Please ask us using our Contact form. We may be able to make what you are looking for. We are also always working on new cake flavors and fillings, so the choices available will continue to grow.

6. Can you deliver to my venue?

Our Pastry Case items can be delivered within a 5-mile radius of our kitchen for a flat fee of $12. If your venue is outside of this distance, only the pick-up option will be available for these items.

Due to the delicate nature of tiered and layer cakes, we offer delivery of our Custom Cakes to your D.C Metro Area venue. Our fee is determined upon the distance of the drive, using the shortest route as calculated by Google Maps. The fee is $50 for a distance of 25 miles or less. We add $2 per mile over 25.

Please note that if you choose to pick up your cake and transport it yourself, we are not liable or responsible for the cake once it has left our possession. Be sure to prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are very fragile and break easily. Drive carefully and slowly.

7. Do you make wedding cakes? How many people do they serve?

Yes, we make wedding cakes. The number of people they serve depends on the size you order. 

Available cake sizes:
1 Tier = 8 inches (serves 12-16)
2 Tiers = 6 + 10 inches (serves 31 - 44)

3 Tiers = 6 + 8 + 10 inches (serves 43 - 60)

If you have a larger party than our 3-tiered cake will serve, you can order an additional (iced but otherwise undecorated) sheet cake in the same flavor as your custom cake. Our sheet cakes come in a half-sheet size (serves 60) or a full-sheet size (serves 120).

8. How big should I cut the slices of cake?

Here are the cutting guides we use. Images are by Bakepedia.




Please note that all wedding and custom cakes are designed to serve the number of people you specify, based on the cutting guide above. If you are serving larger slices of cake and run out, we are not responsible for providing additional cake.

9. How much does a custom cake cost?

The final price of our custom cakes depends on a number of factors including the materials we use  (the ingredients for your chosen flavor, whether it's covered in fondant etc), how intricate the details are (and therefore how long it takes us to make it), and whether we need to purchase any special items (eg. a cake topper or fresh flowers).

10. What if I am having an outdoors wedding?

If your event will be outdoors, or if the cake will be on display for an extended period of time in a warm location with no air-conditioning, we recommend getting a foam cake. You can then order a separate sheet cake that can be kept safely refrigerated until it is time to serve it to your guests during dessert. The foam cake will be just as beautiful as any "real" cake, and as true to your design. They can also stay out all day without the risk of melting or getting too soft, and you will not risk serving your guests an unsafe cake. 

While completing the Custom Cake quote form, please specify in the Additional Info section if you are interested in ordering a foam cake.

11. Can you print a picture onto a cake?

We currently do not offer this service.

12. What is your return and cancellation policy?

As our products and custom cakes are perishable food items made to order, we cannot accept returns. However, you may cancel your Pastry Case order up to 72hrs before your scheduled pick up/delivery for a 50% refund by emailing us at palmierpastries@gmail.com. Orders cancelled with less than 72hrs notice will not be refunded.

For all custom cakes, we do not provide a refund for any reason as we spend many hours planning and preparing for your event before production even begins. We will, however, issue you a quote for your approval and confirm all details with you during our consultation before we collect your deposit and lock your dates in.

Do you have a question we have not answered? Please ask us using our Contact Us form, or email us at palmierpastries@gmail.com.